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Mini Electric Massager EMS ...

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Battery capacity: 200mAH
Weight: 31
Size: 62× 62× 16
Output: 35mA maximum
Working hours 15 minutes
How to use: A-F (8 modes) 19 gears
Frequency: 1-100HZ

Product Description:
Advanced EMS Technology: The mini massage stick utilizes Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology.
This back massager transmits electrical impulses to your body, providing relief from pain and fatigue.
It combines traditional massage techniques with high-tech innovation, offering an effective solution for pain relief.
Lightweight & Portable: This body massager is lightweight and convenient for storage, making it ideal for on-the-go relaxation.
You can use this in various settings, such as the office, bedroom, or while traveling. Its compact size allows it to fit easily into a pocket or bag.
8 Modes & 19 Gears: The body massager for cervical pain features 8 massage modes to choose from, providing a variety of massage experiences.
It offers 19 different intensity levels that users can adjust using the + / – buttons on the device to suit their personal needs.
This butterfly massager replicates the sensation of a real massage, effectively relieving fatigue. The recommended duration of use is 15 minutes per session.
Rechargeable & Long Battery Life: This mini body massager for pain relief can be used for up to 160 minutes after just one hour of charging.
It also has an automatic power-off feature every 15 minutes to ensure safety during use. USB charging provides a stable power supply for extended service.
Skin-Friendly Material: The body massager pad is made of soft, durable, and odor-free PU material, ensuring a comfortable and skin-friendly experience.
The butterfly massage machine pad is designed for long-lasting use.
LCD Display Model (8 Modes and 19 Gears): The device features an LCD display with 8 massage modes and 19 intensity levels.
It can be used for approximately 160 minutes after one hour of charging. The power consumption increases with higher intensity settings.
If the device cannot be used while charging, it can be used once it is charged.
Host Usage: The stimulation intensity can be adjusted across 19 levels (intensity 0-19).
When using the device for the first time, avoid starting at the lowest intensity setting and gradually adjust to higher settings as needed.
As the battery’s remaining power decreases, the intensity of the stimulation will also weaken. If you continue to use it, please recharge the host.
(8-Modes): When the device is set to modes 1-19, it will automatically shut down every 15 minutes during normal operation.
(19 Gear Adjustment): If the device is set to gears 1-19 but remains unused, it will automatically switch to gear 0 within 5 seconds, and,
then automatically shut down within 20 seconds.
For first-time use, begin with a lower intensity setting and adjust it as needed. There are a total of 8 modes available.

What’s in the box: 1 x Host, 1 x Massage Patch, 1 x Charging Cable

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