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Flying Ball Spinner Fidget Toy

High-Tech Flying Orb Ball Experience intelligent flight with our hand-controlled drone ball featuring a gyroscope and smart AI chip. It lights up with vibrant colors and offers a variety of flight routes, skills, and smooth flight modes, including boomerang effects.

Safety First with Protective Cage Our cool cosmic globe flying ball toy is equipped with a 2023 modified soft ABS cage that is lightweight, flexible, and drop-resistant. The cage of the galactic fidget spinner ball encloses propellers and upgraded mesh shell layers, ensuring your children’s fingers are completely protected.

Perfect Gift for All Occasions magic space ball makes an ideal gift for birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Its colorful and captivating design appeals to both children and adults, creating a bridge between generations. Detailed instructional videos and instructions are provided for a hassle-free experience.

Ages 6 and Up This floating ball is the coolest toy gift ideas for kids aged 6 7 8 9 10 11 12+ years old, including boys, girls, and teenagers for birthday or Christmas. Its lightweight and durable construction ensures hours of fun without any harm.

Indoor and Outdoor Fun Enjoy quality time with your family using this boomerang hover ball. It’s a fantastic way to keep children away from screens and engage with nature. Whether in the backyard or indoors, this levitating ball brings the joy of the sun and air to your kids’ playtime.

Rechargeable and USB Charging The floating ball toy features a built-in rechargeable battery. Charge it effortlessly via your computer, power adapter, mobile phone, portable charger, and more. Keep an eye on the charging process with the indicator light, which turns on during charging and off when fully charged. A 20 minutes full charge provides up to 10 minutes of exhilarating flight time for non-stop fun. Enjoy the ultimate convenience with this innovative orb ball flying!

Intuitive Operation Effortlessly take flight with our cosmic globe boomerang ball. Simply switch it on, ensure the “Up” logo is facing upwards, and give it a gentle shake to initiate rotation. For liftoff, throw it upwards at a 30° angle, and watch it spin around, returning to you like a boomerang. Throwing it downwards at a 30° angle to make it flying straight. A quick shake will stop the spinning of this cool flying orb toy, ensuring your playtime is always under your control.

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