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Cold Water Jug With Tap Wat...

  • Cold Water Jug With Tap Water
  • Beverage Drink Dispenser
  • Fruit Teapot Tank
  • Refrigerator Juice Kettle
  • Cold Water Jug For Lemonade
  • 3.5 L

Safe and safe use; high-quality materials, food-grade PP material, can be in direct contact with drinks, tasteless, non-toxic, hot and cold, safe to use, no deformation, can be stored in the refrigerator at -20, can directly pour hot water at 120.

The faucet design is faster; the faucet is equipped with apron to prevent blocking, sealing and not dripping, long-lasting use, easy to operate, prevent dirt from entering, olecranon, water pouring smoothly, healthy life starts from drinking water.

Juice jug in the refrigerator; a tailor-made jug body for your refrigerator Narrow and long body design, easy to insert into the refrigerator compartment, does not take up space, suitable for different occasions and environments, enjoy the pleasure of drinking water , anywhere.

Large capacity; the pitcher is light in weight, the handle is easy to grasp, and the comfortable capacity can hold 3500ml/4000ml. Its practical size fits into the refrigerator very well. Your freshly squeezed juice looks great in this beautiful jug on the table and in the refrigerator.

Large diameter is easy to clean: large diameter design makes cleaning more thorough. Widened diameter. You can directly put your hand into the pot to clean the inner wall. You can put anything on it.

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